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Daily Word

„Cã şi Fiul Omului n-a venit ca sã I se slujeascã, ci ca El sã slujeascã şi sã-şi dea sufletul rãscumpãrare pentru mulţi.”

(Sfânta Evanghelie dupã Marcu 10,45)

About Us

Christian Foundation Diakonia Oradea Branch


Diakonia Map  

       Christian Foundation Diakonia Oradea was founded in 2013 march, with the support of the Western Reformed Church District (Bishops Office of Kiralyhagomellek) and the Heks Foundation.Based on the model of the other Diakonia branches in Romania we started a home-care project for elder people in Oradea with the intention to open more working points in Partium region.

 Our priority is, beyond professional services, to build a personal and thrustful relationship with our beneficiaries.

   One of our social workers with a very kind old lady



      Our mission is to assure a better life quality for the elder people who need help. Our goal is to reduce their daily problems through helping in different activities, offer spiritual support, keep or rebuild their capacities and help in their social integration.






Basic care

Community services

Medical services

      Personal Hygiene

      Mobility indoor and outdoor
      Changing the bed
      Help in eating
      Physical exercise
      Change of incontinency materials


      Company to doctor, drugstore
      Paying bills
      Help around the house
      Visit at cemetery
      Personal needs

      Personal parameters: temperature,        blodpressure 

      Treating wounds
      Other medical treatments as the doctor indicates





We offer these services in three locations as you can see on the map above::


  • in Oradea for 40 old and ill people
  • in Pericei for 30 old and ill people
  • in Alesd for 15 old people