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History of coordination

The four branches of the Christian Foundation Diakonia (CFD) (Cluj, Târgu Mureș, Reghin, Sfântu Gheorghe-Covasna) are functioning more than 10 years, but from 2009 appeared the necessity to plan and harmonize the growing and differentiating activity, to coordinate the branches. The functioning, as a coordinated organization begun in 2010 by a project with the HEKS (Swiss Evangelic Church Help Fund), on a four year period (2010-2013), financed also by the HEKS. The main purpose of the project is to develop a strong organization, homogenous in logistic and more efficient, with an adequate organizational culture, which confer him resistance and competitiveness in these day by day more difficult social and economical circumstances. The first coordinator was Mrs. Borzási Mária in the period of the years 2010 and 2011, and from October 2011 the coordinator is dr. Hegedűs Lajos (Tel: 074476616, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). The goals of the coordination are to synchronize the operational management of the Branches, maintaining the maximum of freedom in decision of the executive directors of branches, the implementation of a modern organizational culture and representation of the organization as a whole in front of thirds. In consequence, the vision of FCD is to become in the next 3-5 years the most efficacy and efficient home care service provider in the North- West and Centre euro regions. The mission of the organization is to deliver the social and medical services at the homes of the patients in great need for them, especially for alone elderly, living in rural areas. The values of the mentioned organizational culture are: Christian spirituality, humanness, normality, high professional level, respect of law, consideration toward patients and trust inspiring attitude, European style and avoidance of any kind of discrimination.




 The coordinator is elected after a selection procedure by the Board of the CFD in an extraordinary meeting of the Board which is lead by the President of the Board. The mandate of the coordinator is for:


  • The proper and efficient conducting of the project HEKS/CFD
  • Organizing, preparing and conducting of the ordinary, extraordinary and annual meetings of the Board of the CFD, presided and moderated by the President of the Board
  • Implementation of Board Decisions
  • Coordination of Branch activities
  • Gathering, processing and archiving of the data from the monthly and annual statistical rapports of branches
  • Gathering, processing and archiving of the data from the semiannual and annual budgetary and activity rapports
  • Elaboration of rapports toward the Board and HEKS
  • Representation of CFD as a whole toward the institutions of the State, other organizations and situations in where the attributions and mandates of Executive Directors of the branches are insufficient
  • Archiving of all documents with primary evidence value (D.01, D.02, D.03, D.04, D.05, rapports to HEKS, minutes of meetings, contracts, protocols and accountant/bookkeeping evidences
  • Elaboration of plans and analyses linked to the management of CFD as a whole
  • Other attributions ( solicited by HEKS, CFD Board or Operative Committee)