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Daily Word

„Cã şi Fiul Omului n-a venit ca sã I se slujeascã, ci ca El sã slujeascã şi sã-şi dea sufletul rãscumpãrare pentru mulţi.”

(Sfânta Evanghelie dupã Marcu 10,45)

Fields of activity

We offer home care for elderly in Oradea. This includes the next type of services:





Basic care

Community services

Medical services

      Personal Hygiene

      Mobility indoor and outdoor
      Changing the bed
      Help in eating
      Physical exercise
      Change of incontinency materials


      Company to doctor, drugstore
      Paying bills
      Help around the house
    Visit at cemetery
      Personal needs

      Personal parameters: temperature, bloodpressure 

      Treating wounds
      Other medical treatments as the doctor indicates




For more details you can contact us personally, so we can offer personalised information.



As part of our service we also offer helper materials for homecare, as folows:



 wheelchair  IMG 20160205 094525
 crutches  IMG 20160205 094317
 walking frame  IMG 20160205 094133
 wheelframe  IMG 20160205 094234
bath chair IMG 20160205 093952
shower chair  IMG 20160205 094044
toilet chairs IMG 20160205 093909