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Aid Materials







Sick people usually need some special aid materials in order to recover or prevent complications. Besides these people disabled and elderly also need aid materials like wheelchairs or crutches to be able to move. All of these people are able to receive aid materials from us. 


With the help of donations from


  • Van den Heerik,
  • Dorcas Aid and
  • Baarn Helpt Peris


we are able to offer for endowment aid materials for all the people who need them, whether they are our beneficiaries or not.


At this moment we have a total number of 213 materials: electric beds and anti decubitus mattress, wheelchairs, toilet chairs, walking frames, crutches, anti decubitus pillows, seats and bathroom aid materials. In the last twelve months we have endowed 157 materials to a number of 123 persons. The people who endowed the materials are from diverse localities: Reghin, Breaza, Suseni, Filpiş, Aluniş, Idicel, Ibăneşti, Beica de Jos, Vălenii de Mureş, Braşov, Deda, Sângeorgiu de Mureş, Târgu Mureş, Nimigea de Jos, Teaca, Sieu-Odorhei, Izvorul Mureşului, Crăieşti, Solovăstru, Ciba, Cinta, Săcalul de Pădure, Luieriu.


Besides these aid materials we were able to prepare 400 Easter presents and 534 Christmas presents for our beneficiaries and other families in need. 


In the spring of 2013 we created clothing packs for poor families who didn’t have money to buy clothes for their children to go to school and for our beneficiaries who needed them. The clothes were donation from SC. Takko Fashion International.SRL.